Definition of Language

Definition of Language
  1. language is commonly defined as a means of communication. Definition of Language
  2. Language is a system that relates sounds or gestures to meanings.
  3. Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech- sounds combined into words.
  4. Language is a process to proceed the complete sense of symbolic words into context.
  5. It is source of understanding the text in the context.
  6. It is a system of communication.

Characteristics of language

  1. Productivity / Creativity: Whatever we speak is productivity. Speaking itself is productivity. Humans can talk about anything in past, present, or future
  2. Cultural Transmission:
    • Language can be culturally transmitted.
    • It cannot be transmitted through heredity.
    • Animals transmit their cries through heredity.
  3. Displacement: We can also refer to the things and events that are not present, intangible, non-existence, and non-visible. For Example moon, Star, dragons, math equation, heaven, hell, etc.
  4. Arbitrariness: This feature was first proposed by Saussure. The forms of linguistic signs bear no logical, intrinsic, or natural relationship to their meaning. For Example, There is nothing in the word ‘bird’ that connects it to the concept of a bird.

Perception of Language

Language makes it able the people to communicate effectively with people of their own and other countries. Definition of Language

Importance of English language in Pakistan

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu, but English is also very important in Pakistan, Because our electronic media is English, so English language is give importance in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, English language is think in schools, colleges, and university levels.

Problems of Teaching English In Pakistan

First-generation learners.

Large number of the population lives in the remotest and faraway areas of Pakistan.

Lack of proper facilities.

Local and regional languages.

Discrimination in policy by the stakeholders or the rulers of the time since the existence of Pakistan.

Controversy between English and Urdu.

Common Problems

  1. Lack of environment
  2. English is not the first language
  3. Defective Examination System
  4. Lack of Co-Curricular activities
  5. Use of non-authentic material