What is Adio- Visual Adis

What is Adio- Visual Adis

What is Adio- Visual Adis

Described the term audio-visual aids and also write down the uses of visuals to present the effects and fingers for effect English communication. What is Adio- Visual Adis

  1. Learning takes place through audio-visual aids.
  2. Audio visual aids for the helping material to present the words for acquiring by the lecture.
  3. It is a media to express the real world before the learners.
  4. It is the process of sensory linkage between media and objects presented.

Uses of visual aids for effective communication in English.

The English language is required for better communication. The visual aids help in focusing students’ attention and stimulate them. The interest in language learning, It’s using related the general concept to actual reality a model, A picture, or a sketch can make their concept clear and understandable.

Types of audio-visual aids

  1. Picture drawings and charts
  2. Real objects models
  3. Picture stories
  4. Slides and fukn struos
  5. over hood projectors
  6. Records and sound recording
  7. Radio and Television
  8. Motion pictures
  9. Flesh cards
  10. Purpose Analysis
  11. Language Laboratories

How to audiovisual useful

They can be used for many purposes

  1. Creativity
  2. Build interest in the students.
  3. Point to be well using these aids
  4. Contact between learning and teaching provides deep understanding.
  5. Audio Visual aids are very helpful for effective learning of the English language for effective communication
  6. The use of visual aids affects memory through teaching materials.
  7. They are the immediate sources of communication and also feedback can be obtained